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Star in palmistry

  • A star usually indicates sudden happenings. These sudden happenings can be either very good or bad, depending on where they are placed on the palm.







  • The most auspicious place for a star is at the end of a sun line. If the star is present on any other place on the palm , then it can go either way( either good or bad).
  • Star on  mount of jupiter : A star on this particular mount signifies  and enhances honour, power and position  in a a person life.
  • Star on mount of venus :  If a star is present on the mount of venus then this denotes extremely high success in all affairs regarding love.
  • Star on mount of mercury : A star on the mount of mercury  indicates power of eloquence and also possibly success in the field of science.
  • Star on mount of moon or the lunar mount : A star on this particular mount indicates that the bearer may achieve a  celibrity status in life.
  • Star on mount of saturn : If a star is present on the mount of saturn, then this denotes that the person will receive success in his life after lots of obstacles or problems.
  • Star on mount of mars : Here the star denotes that  a person will recieve honour through luck, patience and courage.
  • Star on mount of sun : A star on this mount repesents wealth, fortune and position. But all this wealth and fortune will be devoid(without) of happiness.
  • Star on hand lines : A star on the end of life line or head line indicates personal injury or emotional trouble. Only at the end of a sun line can the star be considered a good sign.


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