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Break in line, palmistry

  • Normally a break in line indicates unpleasent interruptions. A clean break denotes something ending.







  • Break in life line : A break in life line indicates a complete change in life, such as new career or home.A break here also shows a change from tradition or lifestyle that the person was born intoThis is the only line where a break is not seen as a dissruptive sign.
  • Break in head line : A break in the head line usually means that the mental constitution, intellectual prowess  of the person will be affected during that period of his life. It can also signify obstructions or hassels in adulthood if present in the middle of the head line. If a break is present in the ending part of the line, then it signifies depression in that period.
  • Break in heart line :  A break in the heart line usually means bad health with respect to the heart condition or it could also mean emotional upsets or break off with loved ones.
  • Break in fate line : A break in fate line usually means some hardship or redundancy in career or difficulty in work life. A break in the middle section of this line basically means change of career or lifestyle.
  • Break in mercury line : A mercury line is the most desirable if it has no breaks. But if it does have breaks then this signifies that the person may have several different health problems, or the same problems may be recurring.
  • Break in sun line : Breaks in sun line slightly decrease the prospect of riches coming into that persons life.

A Crossover break







  • A crossover break is less serious as compared to a clean break. Although this kind of break does signify some kind of difficulty, things usually do work out for the best.


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