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The Fate line
  • The line of fate is also known as the line of Saturn, because of where it ends. The line of fate gives us information about career and work prospects also. The strength of this line determines our chance of achieving a decent standard of living based on the goals we have set for ourselves. 











  • This line is situated in the middle of the palm, usually running up in a vertical line from the base of the palm just above the wrist towards the third finger.
  • When this line is strong and without any markings, it shows that the person will have minimum no of problems and a secure life.     
  • If the line is weak with markings or breaks in it, then it indicates that the person hasn't found their role or career path in life.

                                                  DIVISION OF THE FATE LINE 

          THE BEGINNING  -  BIRTH TO 25 YEARS       

  • The first inch and a half on the line depicts the early years. A plain uninterrupted starting start with a strong line low down the palm near the wrist shows the person was well directed for many years and basically had an idea of what they wanted to do.
  • People who are not so sure of their intentions or goals in life will have several fragmented lines at the starting of the line of fate.     
  • The fragmented lines also show the constant change in course and direction of that persons life.

    THE MID SECTION  -  25 TO 50 YEARS             
  • This section portrays the building years of a person's life for career and fortune. The life of a person spanning between twenty and forty is the time when a lot of changes can occur.
  • If the line is straight and clear in the mid section ,then it indicates that the person has achieved, direction, purpose and prosperity that puts the person in control of their endeavours.   
  • If there occurs a break in the fate line in this mid section then it shows that there is a change of perspective in terms of lifestyle and work.
    THE END SECTION  -  50 TO 75 YEARS              
  • By around this time period in a persons life, their line of fate may become thin or can stop altogether when the persons working years come to an end.
  • If faint lines split of the main one, then it indicates that the person has taken up new interests or hobbies. 
  • A chain marking in the fate line as it crosses the heart line may indicate trouble in home life.
  • If the line of fate runs straight upto the base of the third finger, then it indicates that the person would keep working until the end of their days.


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